The Best Backpack For Your Commute

Whether you walk, take the train, or drive into work every day, chances are you have stuff to carry. For the longest time, I found myself switching between various messenger bags and backpacks. The problem?

Messenger bags, while they look nice and are pretty common among young professionals, caused discomfort for me due to the uneven weight distribution. While it may seem negligible, it was enough to give me problems (doesn’t help that I’m dealing with a spinal fracture, albeit minor).

So what about backpacks? I used a few different ones, but ultimately found that they were too ‘rugged’ for an everyday office setting. May seem trivial, but it was enough for me to try and find something better suited. On top of that, I found most backpacks to be bulky and with an overload of extra pockets, loops, and webbing that made me feel like I was preparing for a mountain trek instead of a day at work.

Thankfully, I found the perfect solution: the eBags Professional Slim Laptop Backpack. Everything I disliked about my other bags, this bag resolved. Let’s start with the design – very sleek and minimalist, yet enough features to carry everything I need. The main compartment is for (as the name would imply) a laptop computer. My machine is 15 inches and fits perfectly. Note that there are a few different sizes: Slim Junior (smallest), Slim (medium), and Professional Weekender (largest). The particular model I own and use everyday is the Junior, and it works great.

In terms of additional features, the backpack has a hard shell garage compartment at the bottom which allows the storage of chargers, headphones, or anything else that could potentially get crunched during your commute. The shell can also be removed if you need to expand out the main storage compartment within the backpack. This is one of my favorite features of the backpack, and now that I have it, I can’t imagine having to store my laptop charger anywhere else.

The backpack can also be converted to a messenger bag (if you prefer) and has pass-through panels for luggage handles. The front compartment has a nice array of pockets to hold all of the essentials (keys, pens, phone chargers, mice, etc.). Zippers seem sturdy, and the bag has an overall great quality build that has held up well over the past 6 months since I’ve started using this bag every day.

Bottom line? This backpack has everything you need, and none of the useless features you don’t need. Looks great, is extremely compact, superior build quality, all for a reasonable price.

Check the price on Amazon HERE.